4 Wednesday Evenings Dream Intensive Jan 6-27th 2010

cg-frontDemystify Your Dreams; Dream Image Work with Deborah DeNicola. Deborah will give some general information about Jungian dreamwork and archetypal psychology and the workshop will demonstrate a particular technique for understanding dreams without extensive intellectual analysis.

The subject works with an experiential process, entering a dream energy field and confronting projections which appear as dream figures, objects or landscapes, feeling the images in the body. Participants will enter an imaginative dreamscape and probe for feelings, associations and emotions that are grounded in images.  The meaning of the dream will unravel through the group’s questioning. One soon learns that anyone’s dream is a learning tool for looking at your own dreams. By association, by archetypal metaphors, by somatic reactions and emotional recognition, dreamers find the unconscious speaking through their images. You will be introduced to a technique that is useful alone or with others.

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