The Way of Intuition: A Book Review of Second Sight

by Deborah DeNicola

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Second Sight by Dr. Judith Orloff Three Rivers Press $15.00 ppbk.

Dr. Judith Orloff’s new book Second Sight, is a fascinating memoir of her journey to come to terms with her psychic intuition. From the time young Judith is a child, she is dreaming and foreseeing future events, the illnesses and deaths of relatives and family friends. As a teenager she has a near death experience during a car accident where she enters the tunnel and sees the light.

Always discouraged by her social-conscious mother,  Judith is afraid of her own powers until she becomes part of an experimental research teamin L.A. and meets others with developing psychic powers. Each chapter brings more and more insight into her experiences until she recognizes that all humanity has the power now to cultivate new senses.

I was especially drawn to this book as it is in the same genre as my own memoir. What is important about books in this category is that readers get to validate their own experiences. Many of us are out of the closet now in full support of the new era upon which humanity is embarking, which is actually a return to an esoteric age we had lost touch with. Let me quote Dr. Orloff here as her own words are most prophetic:

We have come full circle. Our earliest ancestors passed on a rich intuitive heritage: prophets, oracles, shamans, healers make up a vital portion of our history. Yet as the Age of Exploration took off and science became revered, what had been considered natural for so many thousands of years was then labeled superstitious nonsense or condemned as the work of the devil. Seers were deemed to be witches and burned at the stake for their so-called crimes. Later, industry and technology—focused always on rational explanation—drove more nails in the coffin of intuition.

This book is a must read for all of us, those who have tapped into their powers, and those who may find these ideas suspect. Dr. Orloff’s life study is documentary proof that seers are not charlatans cloaked in turbans gazing into crystal balls, and her argument is that every one of us can develop highly sensitive intuition that will be useful in medicine and the transformation of our society.

Recently a new review of my memoir was posted on This person, T. Ruth, said ”I am so grateful that Deborah had the courage to share her personal story with the world in such a detailed, thoughtful, honest, loving way.”

This fan emailed me personally on Facebook to say her husband had also read my book and was anxious to begin developing his feminine side, or the feminine way of knowing. In moments like that I feel so blessed to have had the impulse to share my knowledge and research into human esoteric history.

Judith Orloff calls for the same goal that I encourage in my book, an integration of intellect and intuition. I recommend this book with no reservations. It reads like a novel, an adventure story with an encouraging ending.

. . .  now at the edge of the twenty-first century, there is an increasing movement of people who realize how much of our soul we’ve sacrificed. That split just isn’t necessary. Envision a furture where all of our analystical accomplishments and the intuitive work hand in hand—realizing the best of both worlds. That’s where I believe we’re headed.

Amen, I say to that. And so it its.

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