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This is lush and generous book, a stirring of myth and childhood always coming home to the flesh.  A Gnostic Mary and a young girl on a swing are at home in the same dream space.  Deborah DeNicola has written her richest book, and one to get delightfully lost in.   —Doug Anderson

In language that is both stunning and devastating, these poems enact journeys between earth’s shore and the shore of the infinite world, and back again. With heart and with courage they remind us that all we have is our naked selves, that love and loss are to be equally honored: “You can’t lose or refuse what’s yours.” —Maragaret Lloyd

If Love Suffers Gladly

My left eye on the bougainvillea stinging with tanning lotion. The wind stolen like a kiss. And as birds entrain overhead only my solitude increases. I felt you through closed eyes, rubbing where sun block dripped, a searing pain like a blender blade whirring fish into soup. Tropical colors like week-old bruises. If love suffers gladly, I am happy to know even here, teetering over the other hemisphere, you are with me, airbound as spirit—And my own sighs are oceans with rip tides and the lapping of weeping. It is always such with women in mid-life. And most of the men—eons married—are so much more dear now, all of us weathered but wiser. Although I am almost exclusive, what’s left of this life includes you.

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