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3 Week Webinar on Demystifying Your Dreams

Wed April 18, 25, and May 2nd at 7:30, a one hour seminar and demonstration of interactive dreamwork. Using Jungian active imagination we will explore the netherworlds of the unconscious. Many of us have the same themes in our dreams so we can learn from working on anyone’s nocturnal journeys. Learn how to recall your dreams, use them for questions. The unconscious mind is a treasure trove of information both personal and collective. As humanity heals, we must witness and release our shadow sides. It’s a fact that the more attention you pay consciously to your dreams, the more they will speak to you. Join me for three weeks of plumbing the depths, bonding in love and compassion, joy and laughter. Deep down we are all one. Email me to register:

Spiritual Memoir Workshop Sat. Feb 25th The Duncan Center

Writing Spiritual Memoirs with Deborah DeNicola

Saturday, February 25th 10:00 am to 4:00 pm Lunch  and Labyrinth Walk included. $77
15820 S. Military Trail, Delray Beach, FL

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Isn’t it time you told your story? We all have revelations from monumental moments in our past when we began to shift spiritually and moved into our own spiritual searching. This class will prompt you into a piece of writing about your own awakening and in the writing process, you’ll discover new insights.

Philip Zaleski, the editor of the Best Spiritual Writing Series, says the Spiritual Memoir is “. . .poetry or prose that deals with the bedrock of human existence, why we are here, where we are going and how we can comport ourselves with dignity along the way.”

It’s about the disillusionment that starts us on our journeys, the quest for truth, and the revelations, solace and joy we experience in the growing process. Telling our stories helps us define who we are and what our purpose is. These stories can help to awaken others as well as encourage others when they enter what Carl Jung calls”the dark night of the soul.”
The writing process brings out unconscious material that teaches us from our inner, higher selves.

Please join me for this writing retreat.
“Whatever it takes to break your heart and wake you up is grace.” Mark Matousek
For more information or to register for the class call Deborah DeNicola, 617-823-1530
Deborah DeNicola’s  most recent full collection of poetry, Original Human, was published in December 2010 from WordTech Communications Press. Her spiritual memoir The Future That Brought Her Here from Nicolas Hays/Ibis Press was released in 2009 and reached #1 in Psychology on with 25 rave reviews. Among other awards for her writing, Deborah received a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Grant. She is the author and editor of six books including Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology published by The University Press of New England. Please visit her web site where she practices Dream ImageWork, writing and working as a free lance editor to help others birth their books.

“DeNicola tells us story after story. Rich, full, interior. Seeking validation of her own mystical experiences, she validates those of her readers . . . Interspersed through her written journey are divine poems. I mean divine in the holiest sense. Deborah DeNicola is an inspired poet. She uses her artistry to understand her world.”
—Dr. Susan Corso, The Huffington Post

Excerpt: My dream placed me in an underground tunnel with mud walls. I began to see the outline of a woman covered in clay. With our eyes closed, the group followed me deeper into the cave. The feeling was overwhelmingly claustrophobic, but I crept along the mud floor until I knew instinctively a spot along the wall where I must begin digging. To my surprise, for this was long before my interest in the Black Madonnas, my active imagination uncovered a black African woman, very proud and strong. She was an object, yet she felt alive.. Though she seemed thoroughly other, my emotional attachment to her was immediate. I ended the session with the statement that I knew she had been walled in for a very, very long time.www.thefuturethatbroughtherhere

Learning From Your Dreams Workshop Dec 15th with Deborah DeNicola

Come learn how to increase dream recall and work with dream images in this evening workshop. Dreams can offer new knowledge and produce ideas and solutions. The unconscious mind is a treasure trove you can mine if you have the right tools. The workshop will demonstrate a particular technique for understanding dreams without extensive intellectual analysis. Participants will enter an imaginative dreamscape and probe for feelings, associations and emotions that are grounded in images.  By association, by metaphor, by emotional recognition, dreamers find the unconscious speaking through their images. You will be introduced to a technique that is useful alone or with others. Come with or without a recent dream.

Thurs. 12/15/11 6:30-9pm at the Heartpainter Studio, 310 Esplanade, Suite 50A, Boca Raton Pre-register $20, $25 at the door. Register: or 617-823-1530.

Memoir Writing Class 4 Tuesdays in April

Do you have a story to tell? We teach by sharing, we heal by naming. Join me for 4 consecutive Tuesday mornings where you will freewrite with prompts, share what you want to share for feedback, learn how to approach your memory , and go home with drafts of a memoir. Join us 10am-noon at the lovely location and tea bar, My Flora Aura 26 SE 4th Street, Boca Raton, FL 33432, 561-901-5808

Making Memoir Workshop Thurs Dec 15th Women Helping Women

Making Memoir Workshop with Deborah DeNicola,  author of the Amazon Best Seller
The Future That Brought  Her Here
Wed, Dec 15th 7-9
Isn’t it Time you Told Your Story?  We teach by sharing,  we heal by naming. Join us for an evening where you will  freewrite with prompts, learn how to approach your  memory , and go home with a draft of memoir.
College Pursuit 8688 Griffin Rd., Cooper City

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