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Review by Judith Laura, Author of Goddess Spirituality for the 21st Century

The Future That Brought Her Here: A Memoir of a Call to Awaken by Deborah DeNicola (Ibis 2009)

This spiritual memoir by a widely-published poet is both an inner journey and a geographical pilgrimage. DeNicola is author of 5 poetry collections and editor of an anthology of contemporary poems about Greek mythology. She is recipient of a Poetry Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts plus other writing awards, and has taught at Massachusetts College of Art and Lesley University. She shares some of her wonderful poetry in this book, yet her background also means that DeNicola is an adept writer who knows when to use poetic language in prose (in this book she uses it sparingly and effectively) and when more direct diction is appropriate. This skill makes this book a pleasure to read.

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Great review for “The Future That Brought Her Here”

The Future That Brought Her Here just got a great review at the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene Blog.

“…the book is filled with Denicola’s magnifique poetry, her dreams, her intuitions, her own personal life, her distrust of men, so that what you have here is a profound theological study of the influence of the Power Goddess in the ancient and beginning-Christian world plus a personal confessional account that turns it all into something able to be related to. One of the few-few books I’ve seen in the last twenty years that I couldn’t, couldn’t put down. “

Go check out the full review.

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