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Deborah interviewed 7/27 5:45pm on Artists & Ascension

Tune in to this discussion on Tues evening 7/27 at this link when Nancy Wait from her “Artists and Ascension” Blogtalk radio show will interview Deborah:

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A Talk With Deborah DeNicola

A Talk With Deborah DeNicola

As we finish up the week, I’d like to share with you an interview I had with Deborah DeNicola, author of The Future That Brought Her Here–Enjoy!

1. Deborah, can you tell us a bit about why you wrote this book?

First of all I am a poet and though I’ve written a lot of reviews, I wasn’t inclined to write a prose book until I began having uncalled for, spontaneous, metaphysical experiences. I took a lot of notes in my journal for months and months, not knowing what was going on. All I knew was I’d been a normal person for 47 years and suddenly I was aware of other presences around me and could see through my closed eyes. Eventually I decided, I am a writer, this strange thing is happening to me and it only makes sense that I should write about it.

I did actually write a number of poems on some of the experiences but the more I learned about the growing global spiritual movement and the reasons for it, the more I felt a responsibility to report on it using a more accessible genre than poetry.

The fact is that the human species is evolving. We are on the verge of some huge changes as three great cycles cross one another early in our new century. As I joined the vanguard of the movement and found thousands of people there, I also found my story was unique. It only seemed logical that the next step was to write it. I feel a personal responsibility to share what I know. Many people are not ready to resonate with my thoughts, but enough are out there with the germ of the seed in their unconscious collective memories. I worried about risking my reputation as professional writer and teacher, but it became apparent that I myself was crossing into new territory and needed to have the courage of my convictions.

2. If readers gain only one thing by reading this book, what is it you hope they gain?

I hope that readers will remain open to my suggestions and investigate for themselves the idea that we are all part of the godhead, that we create our reality and that we can change what we have experienced as reality, that we can change the world with the power of our collective thoughts and our perceptions, that most of what we were taught to believe about how reality works, is false and wrong, that our religions have misconstrued our powerful place in creation. That if we adjust our attitudes, have faith and rely on our intuition, we will usher in the greatest shift our planet has ever known.

3. Deborah, I see you are offering those who purchase this book some very special gifts–would you like to tell us what they are and how readers can take advantage of this offer?

Unfortunately, the offers are no longer available, although I am still offering on my web site,, a free article on dream recall and an MP3 of my reading “Poetry of the Beloved,” a mix of love poems, both individual and spiritual. If people join my mailing list, they will be emailed articles now and then, both by me and if I come across one that I feel is terribly important, I will email that also.

4. What projects do you have planned for the future?

I have some workshops scheduled. Nov 11th at The Crystal Garden in Boynton Beach Florida, I’m teaching a class called “Rumi’s Path of Love; on the Philosophy Faith and Poetry of Rumi.” And I have a four week class in January on “Demystifying Your Dreams With Dream Image Work.” Both of these can be found at Calendar of Events Complete Date Order . Aside from some readings and talks I have in the works, I am writing a book of essays on dream image work called Cinderella Rocketing. A few of these are available on my web site. I am about half way through this book. Each essay offers a closer look at a different aspect of dream image work. The essays are about personal experiences and subjects such as dream amplification, day residue. archetypes, and active imagination, utilizing mostly my own dreams.

I don’t’ believe we can heal by means of our will alone. We need access to our unconscious minds which have been coerced by our negative experiences. We need to create new neural pathways, stop responding automatically to stimuli. So many of our complexes exist below the radar. But Dream work allows us direct confrontation with the unconscious. Dreams are readily there and available for inner work. You can have good intentions, say affirmations, and take steps to put your manifestation into process, but if you haven’t cleared your unconscious beliefs, all your conscious intentions are for naught.

I know how to let meaning form and rise in the process of dream work. Healing the unconscious is absolutely necessary for the transformation of our civilization. I wish to share what I know and can teach about messages in our dreams.

5. Is there any special message you would like to leave our readers with?

Despite the grim look of the world and perhaps some chaotic episodes ahead regarding the economy, earth changes, climate crises etc., we, as a species, are manifesting a new civilization, as hokey as it sounds– one of hope and peace and universal love.

Once people begin to realize that what we do to our neighbors we do to our selves, a great shift will occur. Many have already undergone this shift and are teaching others about it. It involves a new way of thinking about ourselves, our relationships, our work, our material and environmental concerns, our educational institutions and our justice and medical systems. Change is the operative word right now. We have passed into several new cycles, one being out of the age of Pisces, into Aquarius. Aquarius is about new systems, team effort, collective values, community, technology, freedom, equality and consensus thinking outside the box. Slowly we will overhaul the whole workings of our world. The big institutions, like dinosaurs, will be the last to fall. If we focus on them for security, we will be lost to the raving media and spinmeisters who have either unknowingly or knowingly colluded with the power cartel that benefits only a few at the top.

We are living in a time of breakdown of many of our reliable supports, but there is no reason to go into fear. It will be the end of our world as we have known it, but it will be eventually a better world, the return of esoteric power, peace and universal abundance.

My advice is to learn everything you can about the natural laws of manifestation and attraction. Take back your projections, understand who you are, accept nothing less of yourself than your most idealistic aspirations. Retract your projections.

Find work where you can do what you love. Find community. Share. Stop complaining. Visualize what you want, no holds barred. Don’t focus on the negative. Forgive everyone for everything including yourself. Express gratitude for what you have. Find joy within. Keep the faith. Hold to the highest good for all. Be patient. Love yourself and others. Trust in higher powers.

Deborah DeNicola

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Deborah DeNicola – Guest Author

Last week, I introduced you to Deborah DeNicola, author of The Future That Brought Here Here. Today, I’d like to share with you some excerpted poems from her prose memoir:
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Poems From The Future That Brought Her Here

The other day, I introduced you to a new book titled The Future That Brought Her Here. Deborah DeNicola is first and foremost a poet and she has given me permission to share with you two wonderful poems from this book.

While the book is “a memoir of a call to awaken”, there are some wonderful poetry pieces that have found their way into the book. I chose two of my favorites to share with you!

The Future that Brought Her Here
She’s still discovering injury.
The childhood doll
with its cobalt eyes stuck open,
ginger lashes greasy with years,
a death in her retina
where only an absence appears.
The woman blinks
into the dawning, violet
light of her bedroom
rinsed in hallucinations–
Wrapped in the quilt
of her flowering sorrow,
she arranges the cumulative rain.
Birds swoop and crop her terrain
in a scree of time
and the room slides through iys layered history,
bookcase into fireplace,
latex into lacy paper,
the same hydrangeas bluing the air.
And she is years back, masked
to an earlier sensation, married
to memory that blunts her senses
the way hunter’s headlights stun
deer. And she falls
through the future
that brought her here.
Not a cat, not a leopard, a lioness
walked out of my eye, halted
on furred paws. They covered
her claws, turning.
Her orange mane
swung like drapery
and when she opened her jaws,
I fell into darkness and close quarters.
Ripening fullness
inside her mouth. Her musk
was weighted, a cloud,
like the misty refusal of rain.
She licked my chin, my den
a warm furnace, heaved
in the height of her throat.
Heat ticked somewhere below
in the baseboards.
And the hands
of the dream held me
entranced in its print,
like a pinned insect
under amber. Sheltered
beneficence, brutal–
attractive, something
like love.
I will leave you with these poems to savor, examine and contemplate. I’d love to have comments on your interpretations 🙂

Deborah DeNicola is the author of five poetry collections and she edited the anthology Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology.

Among other awards she won a Poetry Fellowship in 1997 from the National Endowment for the Arts. Deborah has been a recipient of many writing colony residencies. She also teaches dream image work and mentors writers online at her web site .

To purchase a copy of The Future That Brought Her Here and receive up to 20 bonus gifts, please visit:

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The Future That Brought Her Here

I am excited to be sharing a unique book with you over the coming two weeks. Today, I’ll give you general information, but watch for an interview with the author, a review–and hopefully a couple of excerpts 🙂

A dynamic blend of history, science, psychology, dreams, and visions, Deborah DeNicola’s memoir is a compelling account of self-discovery that is provocative and humble.

A poet, dream analyst, and college professor DeNicola writes about her struggle to live in the ordinary world of academia while honoring the competing call of the creative and the spiritual. DeNicola’s memoir shows her range of intellectual pursuits and spiritual experiences as she battles an inner war between depressive cynicism and faith and shares her lifelong search to heal the trauma of her father’s tragic death when she was a teenager.

Struggles between skepticism and faith, depression and hope, independence and attachment, creativity and financial security in the midst of spiritual searching, motherhood, teaching and writing are inextricably woven into the fabric of her story. Sharing the process of her awakening and how dreams and visions guide her, DeNicola stirs readers to listen courageously to their own inner voices. Her visionary quest takes her to the American West, Israel, and Southern France. Along the way she weaves together references from the Bible and the Gnostic Gospels, the story of Mary Magdalene, medieval history, the Templar Knights, the Black Madonnas, String Theory and quantum physics to find the repeated linkage between divinity and humanity. 

Deborah DeNicola’s most recent publication isInside Light, a chapbook from Finishing Line Press and her spiritual memoir The Future That Brought Her Here, is from Nicolas Hays /Ibis Press. A full collection of poetry, Original Human, is also scheduled for publication in 2010 from Custom Words Press. Deborah edited the anthology Orpheus & Company; Contemporary Poems on Greek Mythology, from The University Press of New England.

She was awarded a Poetry Fellowship in 1997 from the National Endowment for the Arts, received The Paul Hoover Critical Essay Award from The Packingtown Review 2009, Best of the Net Anthology Award 2008, chosen by Dorianne Laux, The William T. Foley Award in 2000 from America, The Barbara Bradley Award in 1996 from The New England Poetry Club, and a Special Mention from The Pushcart Prizes 1992. She is the author of Where Divinity Begins (Alice James Press) and three chapbooks, Harmony of the Next which won the Riverstone Chapbook Award, Psyche Revisited (1992), which won the Embers Magazine Chapbook Contest, and Rainmakers (Coyote Love Press).

A Bread Loaf Scholar (1993), a recipient of fellowships from The MacDowell Colony (1994), The Centrum Foundation (1995), The Virginia Center for the Creative Arts (1997), and The Vermont Studios (1999). Deborah DeNicola was trained by the Dutch Jungian Analyst Robert Bosnak who coined the term “Embodied” dream work. She teaches poetry and dream image workshops in South Florida and reviews poetry for The Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel.

To purchase a copy of The Future That Brought Her Here and receive up to 20 bonus gifts, please visit:

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Why The Current Economic Crisis Is A Good Thing by Deborah DeNicola

Greetings all. I have the pleasure of hosting Ms. Deborah DeNicola as she travels around the blogosphere on her book tour for her new book “The Future That Brought Her Here.” On December 1st you can read my book review of her book in Voice of the Magazine for Multi-Dimensional Living. In the meantime, she has graced us with this enlightening guest post on the state of our current economic distress, which I know you will find most helpful.

Deborah is a fascinating person. “The Future That Brought Her Here” is her journey through spiritual awakening to enlightenment. And this lady is now very dialed up!  It started one day when she had the oddest experience of discovering her multi-dimensional self.  This led her to study Dream Image Work and she subsequently went on spirit quests to the Holy Land, among other interesting destinations.  Enjoy her perspectives on “Why The Current Economic Crisis Is A Good Thing:”

Whatever you think of the state of the world right now, you are most likely misunderstanding the spiritual message in the current economic crisis. In times of stress and distress, people tend to react with fear and once we start to project fear, we begin to create a spiraling vortex of misfortune. To hold our center, stay grounded and send love to one another may be a challenge in these times, but it is exactly what we need to do.We are living at the end of a 26,000 year cycle, a destined time mark, when our civilization  is radically undergoing change. The large institutions, the banks, the government, the corporate structures will hold on to their status quo as long as they can. They may even begin to react defensively, as we are already seeing with the credit card companies. We have also seen the heavy hand of the government attempting to shore up these structures to avoid all out panic in the streets, but we see the unfairness in what is happening with the bailed out companies. Yet, we needn’t worry, despite all the efforts to maintain business as usual, these structures are going to be overhauled and revamped.

Astrologically, Pluto has moved into Capricorn for the next eighteen years. Pluto always takes out what isn’t serving the soul, and the soul of the people is no longer being served by these structures. Capricorn means big business, markets, investments, corporations, hospitals. Essentially “we the people” have been enslaved to way of life that breeds more and more illness and stress. The idea that the energy we call “money,” or more aptly “abundance,” is limited and scarcity reigns is an idea whose time is over.

People losing jobs, homes, savings and insurance protection are forced into creative thinking. We need to look at this phenomenon as liberating. Already thousands of people have created new companies and services to increase consciousness and they are working online. People are asking themselves what do they really want to do for work. Work needs to align with the soul. The market on the Internet is extensive and one need no longer be tied into a forty hour week schedule and a tiring commute to the office. Whenever there is crisis, the people with new ideas and thinking outside the traditional box, are the ones who create new visions and then manifest them. We need to remember that the Chinese character for challenge is also opportunity.

During times of upheaval, whether it is through natural disasters or intentional attacks like 911, people draw together in community and begin to see where their real values lie. Superficial material concerns dissolve and the important, essential necessities of life take preference. People are known to share, to provide service, to shelter one another during these crises. Humanity has created an opportunity for change on the most fundamental level.  And the Spiritual Universe will not permit any more shenanigans. We will be seeing more and more exposure of corporate crime.

The wealth of the world has been held in the hands of a silent, invisible few who have controlled the population at large. But new light has raised the vibrations of millions of us here to desire earnestly a peaceful world, to hold the vision and to begin to band together to rediscover our atrophied intuitive powers. It is imperative that each of us begin developing a spiritual practice to commune with our higher selves.

The Age of Aquarius will be an era where justice becomes the foremost value.  We may expect to experience chaos during this transition. That is why it is necessary to become aware that this is not just another cycle that will play itself out, but the groundwork for an entirely new and infinitely better global society; a society that we may not have thought possible.  Indeed, until the present era, it was not possible.

The most important factor will be the perspective you take as you see the old world crumbling. Clinging to what is bound to change is futile.  The traditional media and other stalwart institutions will do their best to unhinge our beliefs. But conservative thinking will only prolong the growing pains and increase fear. Technology has offered us ways to communicate in large groups and the power of the group vision will create resolutions to our problems. We will unhook from the structures that have held us at their mercy. Destructive intentions will no longer be supported. We are learning the natural laws of the universe, such as the law of attraction, and we are going to see results from our intentions that serve the whole rather than the few.

We may not yet be sure what steps to take, but in the moments when we need to know, we will go inward and find our answers. There is an old Zen saying: “When you don’t know where you’re going, go the way you don’t know.” Let us hang onto our faith in our own goodness and our ability to create peace. It’s the only thing we haven’t tried. Support is here from the spiritual dimensions. Ask for it. Give permission to be profoundly changed and watch your world change with you. We need to remember we are eternal spirits in bodies. We need to remember “The meek shall inherit the earth.”

We do not need to know how. We need to visualize the outcome and desire it, and trust that it will come. This is the greatest passage in the history of the earth. Let us love one another, share the vision, join in the collective community of faith in nothing other than ourselves. Aquarian values favor the group consensus. Find a community in which to share your best vision of what our world can and will become.

Deborah DeNicola is the author of 5 poetry collections and most recently her memoir, The Future That Brought Her Here from Nicholas Hays/Ibis Press.Available at Another poetry collection,Original Human is forthcoming in 2010 from Custom Word.  Among other awards she received an NEA Fellowship for her poetry. Her website is

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Interview with Phil Harris’s Blog “Things That Matter”
(1)Do you really believe that there is such a thing as evil or is it just what we perceive as hurtful we label as evil? Does placing labels on polarized concepts actually bring these concepts into our reality?

I believe we’re in something like a matrix that is collectively created from our imagined fallen state. Though I didn’t always, I now subscribe to the philosophy of A Course in Miracles, which says that the Godhead separated itself in order to experience itself more fully and from the separated aspect (one could say us, or Adam and Eve) the thought of separation from Source was on day “thought.” In that “unholy” moment the thinkers of the thought experienced separation and the “ego” was born, because like Source, we had the powers of creation and manifestation.

However, the separation was an illusion. As soon as it was thought, it was undone because, since we are all one with Creator, separation was actually impossible. It never happened. But we remained in the illusion, out of guilt for our perceived attack on Source. That was the so-called “Fall.”. Heaven is here, we have just covered it up. Because we feared we had lost connection with Source, everything that is considered bad or evil came into being . . . out of the ego, out of Fear. During our entire history we’ve believed in separation and perpetuated it. But only Non-Duality is real. There is no world. It is all a projection made out of fear. We are insane and do not know it. Therefore, I do not believe in Evil per se, but it does appear that “ego,” which has projected its own fear , guilt and anger onto others, has created some horrendous events within the illusion.

(2)I do think it’s a label. Labeling or naming Evil as reality still cannot bring it into reality. Although it appears very real, there is no evil.

Collectively we experience the same things in the world because we are all one, the “Sonship”, as the Course calls us. Our journey is to undo the ego and get back to oneness with Source. We can do this through forgiveness and self-forgiveness, non-reaction, and asking for help from Spirit. Our world is a dream, or perhaps a nightmare is more apt a label. Labels separate and worsen the situation. We moved into form because we imagined we did. But “nothing unreal exists.” The only thing out there is Love. Adam is the Sonship. He fell asleep and has not yet awakened. But that is the task at hand now. Some have awakened and are helping others onto the spiritual path back to Oneness. When we stop projecting and own our own shadows, and forgive them, we will have the New Heaven on the New Earth. Many of us are involved in that awakening right now.

It’s best to stop labeling, polarizing and separating. As Jesus said, “Be in the world but not of it.” We need to accept what’s here. The first step in changing anything is accepting it. Then we can hold an intention for something better, visualize it, believe it will manifest and keep on doing the best we can within the illusion. It’s a tall order. There are a lot of paradoxical situations that can come of it. The Holy Spirit will help us if we call upon it when confronted with dilemma. Coming together in groups can be powerful to manifest change.

(3) Why do you feel that the spiritual paradigm is shifting now? Aside from ‘if not now, when,’ is there something special at this point in evolution?

This is the time foreseen by many prophets. Three huge cycles are coming to an end at once, overlaying each other. We have just changed millenniums from Pisces to Aquarius, there is also a 26,000 year cycle ending known as the equinoctial cycle where the poles shift as the earth’s axis wobbles. And there is the end of the Mayan calendar which is known to be the end of time. Not the end of the world as the new movie “2012” is portraying with terrible earth changes, although some challenging earth changes are likely, but the end of “time” as we know it, linear time. Some of us are likely going to leave our bodies and cross over into spirit (a.k.a die) if caught in the earth changes. But there is no death anyway. We can move back into spirit at any time. The exciting thing will be to be here and awaken collectively in our bodies.

We are multi-dimensional beings, several aspects of ourselves living parallel lives simultaneously. My theory is that when we become aware of those other lives, some kind of consciousness shift occurs. In some esoteric traditions, where these truths have been kept alive, but secret, we each belong to a group of souls known as the Monad. When we become aware of our oneness in the monad and then exponentially with other monads, we will be “enlightened” to our connections with one another and with Source. It has been predicted that there will be 1000 years of peace. Why only 1000 I wonder . . . I don’t know. I guess we should worry about that later.

(4)What do you feel will happen if the ‘masses’ are unwilling to move out of the Piscean Age?

They will be, they are already resistant, unwilling and in denial. There is enough information out there now to move out of dualistic thinking but many will not accept change. People are creatures of habit and don’t like to change their beliefs. So there will be, there is resistance. It will only make it more difficult for them, and in some cases, for us.

However long they want to resist change, their suffering will increase until finally they will have to choose change. The earth is not going to support duality anymore. Many of our systems are collapsing and will be replaced by more equitable and ethical systems. Meanwhile there may be a lot of pain in the adjustment depending how much we resist. Some say those unwilling ones will be left behind as the earth ascends into the 5th dimension and many of us go with her. But the old earth will be there and the resistant ones will have their lives go on as usual, perhaps with more suffering and war and disease etc. I don’t venture to guess how the “ascension” is going to happen, but I know it is happening.

I’d like to think that the changed behaviors of some of us will affect the unwilling ones and they will embrace the move into oneness if they are exposed to it. I think it’s a done deal. It’s going to happen, exactly when or how gradually, I don’t think any of us can stay.

But you can stay behind in pain and resistance relying only on your intellect and reason and all that the invention of the ego created. Or you can intuitively feel the difference through the heart opening. Our bodies are changing. We are being bombarded with light, those of us who have agreed, because we have to give permission. Many of us have asked in our prayers, in our dreams or consciously to see the “light” so-to-speak.

And it’s not always comfortable. I am feeling and seeing this light and my body needs attuning on a regular basis. There is a lot of body work going on in the holistic communities and even in the gyms. I think that unconsciously many people are adjusting and intuitively moving onto the spiritual path before they consciously know it.

(5) Are religions ‘worn out dogma’ whose time has passed?

I think yes and no, but mostly yes. What we have been taught dogmatically has not always been correct. We have been led like sheep and given over control to hierarchies of power in the churches and temples. We have been taught that we are sinners. In Greek word for sin, “harmatia,” etymologically means “missing the mark,” or in other words, confused, off target. In that context we are not sinners, just ignorant of truth. People have not been taught about their own power to access Source directly. Instead intercessors or priests, rabbis, mullahs etc. have been given too much power.

The Secret Doctrine, the esoteric truths, the hidden occult traditions attest to the human power to access divinity. I believe there will be one church, the Church of Love and equality. John Lennon appears to be right about this. Already there are communities forming on this basis. The Unitarian Universalists are embracing this philosophy. There are centers for spiritual living, science of mind churches, noetic science centers, bringing spirituality together with science, physics especially.

(6)How do you define spirituality vis-à-vis religious?

Spirituality doesn’t recognize separation or levels of proximity to Source. Spiritual paths, and there are many, all lead to the same place, universal love. This love seems to be the basic cornerstone of all institutional religions, although they have strayed from it. The Christians have the Gnostic tradition and the Druidic tradition to look to. The Muslims have Sufism. The Buddhist path is basically love and acceptance. The Jews have the path of Kaballah. So traditional religions have love and self-actualization at their heart, relegated to an esoteric branch. Along the way through history, however, when dogma was born, because we believe ourselves to be imperfect, because we fear differences, our leaders too lived with fear and misled us.

(7)Do you feel that quantum physics is becoming increasingly supportive of the basic tenets of spirituality? Will they accept an Intelligent Universe concept?

Yes! I do feel that more of the natural laws of the universe like the Law of Attraction, and laws of manifestation are being proven by scientists. Dr. Emoto’s book on water crystals shows how intentional thoughts, positive or negative, had different effects on the crystals. We appear to be learning that thoughts have power and if a certain thought is repeated enough times with great emotion, it will most certainly manifest. There is still a lot of suspicion and criticism in the scientific community but Edgar Mitchell’s Institute of Noetic Science is setting up numerous experiments in the field of thought forms. I can’t predict when main stream science will accept an Intelligent Universe concept. But I know a lot of skeptical scientists like my brother, for instance, who is a botonist and not in agreement with much of my thinking, but who says nonetheless, it is obvious there is a superior intelligence at work in nature. Maybe Source is nature. To me it seems a silly argument. Intelligent Design and Creation theory can both be true. I think the sooner we leave dualistic thinking we will find more agreement around “both and” than “even or.”

(8)Have sacred texts been the purloined letter containing basic ‘truths’ about the Universe?

I’m not familiar with all sacred texts in great depth but it does seem that the hidden traditions have carried forth the same message, even through the mysterious practice of alchemy. They all seem to imply that there is a lot of “maya” or illusion in our 3-D world, that we have been disempowered by our false beliefs, that we all are indeed part of the Divine. My study has been focused on the Gnostic Gospels found in the Nag Hammadi Library. I stumbled across these through Jungian studies as Jung was quite interested in them, even owned some texts he found in the black market. Some of these are quite apocryphal, more mythical. Yet myth is true in a very symbolic way. Much of the truth is delivered in myth through metaphor, parables, what have you.

(9) Do you feel that John’s words in the Gospel of Thomas supports the deeper meaning in what has become known as The Secret?

If we are referring to the Kingdom of Heaven being here, the answer is yes. John also says two men might be standing in a field and only one might see it, (the kingdom). That statement may be about perspective. Changing our thinking is all about perception. Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books are the best teachers right now. Their books really clarify how our minds deceive us. They give a lot of tools to shift our perception of a negative situation so that we do not exacerbate it. When you give up victimhood you have to claim your power.

10) The Crescent Moon of Islam is a Goddess symbol. Why do you think they don’t get this?

You mean the Muslims? Hmm . . . a good question. I guess you have to chalk that up to the heritage of a long history where the prevailing culture has been unconsciously fearful of the power of the Goddess, of the power of women, the “devouring, toothed vagina” as the Jungians might put it. The Mullah patriarchs, if they know it at all, are obviously intent on keeping it a secret. Symbols can lose their meaning. I think Muslim women are prevented from finding a way to bond together and claim their heritage because they are threatened with death. The same thing happened during the Inquisition in Europe. Thousands of women were burned because of this primitive fear. Muslim countries have had a hard time coming into the contemporary era because there is so much repression. I’m hoping, like the phenomena we saw when the Berlin wall came down, the masses will somehow throw off their oppression like Eastern Europe through off Communism. There needs to be the force of the zeitgeist and at least some of the oppressors need to awaken. We can hold the vision and not have to know how it will happen. I think the internet is a fabulous tool to bring the world together collectively. At this point there are so many spiritual web sites and social media groups. Perhaps closed minds can open through exposure to spiritual ideas.

(11) Are people ready to accept the Divine Feminine?

It seems there are thousands of people who are. Perhaps millions.I don’t think it’s a main stream idea yet but the goddess is seeded and germinating in the collective unconscious. It may be as simple as an idea whose time has come. This is the millennium of her return according to many prophesies. I think the interest in Mary Magdalen has demonstrated that something is happening.

Years before Dan Brown’s DaVinci Code came out, I was first taken by an intense interest in Mary Magdalen and began my research. The number of books on the subject of Mary exploded. I found other women who were also discovering her. Why after 2000 years was she drifting into women’s dreams? Then Brown’s book brought the question of Jesus’ marital status into the forefront. Despite the Roman Catholic Church’s denials, the book became the best seller of all time! And Brown’s new book ends with hope for the coming age. He has the same conclusion as I do in my book.

In other traditions and ancient societies, the goddess was honored by both men and women. I think she is finding her place again. Apparitions of the Virgin Mary have also increased. The Roman Church has revised their take on who Mary Magdalen was. There’s a lot to say on the subject, but overall, whether Wiccan or Christian, the divine feminine is back.

(12) What is your personal take on the timeline of the paradigm shift? Is 2012 a real date for change?

I hope so. I do think we’re getting close to a massive shift. If the internet is any indication, the spirituality sites are everywhere. I’m living in an area, Southern Florida, full of spiritual practitioners. I think a lot of people are being awakened, including people in traditional religions. As the foundations of the culture collapse, more people will turn to faith and they will find synchronicities and signs because the veil between the spirit world and our 3D world is thinner than it’s ever been. Anyone who asks for help will get it. Maybe not in the way they expect or desire but eventually it will hit them over the head. Not with a bag of money or gold bars but with a slight revelation, an insight, an experience.

So many people are in recovery from addictions and depend on a Higher Power. Even if you just believe in the Tao, you start to see it in action in your life. The connection to the divine is available. I think the timeline is where most psychics have been found to be inaccurate, so that gives me pause. But we do have the Mayan Calendar though and I believe in its approximation. Though I don’t understand all its workings, I’ve read about it and it has been correct in following the ages. Any real transition between civilizations happens over a long period of time. The spiritual sub-culture is still ignored by mainstream media. Maybe when the E.T.’s make contact, Fox News will call it a Democratic hoax!


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