DEMYSTIFY YOUR DREAMS SAT MAY 4TH 2013 10-1pm Ft. Lauderdale

  BRIDGES OF WELLNESS ,  in Wilton Manors, Ft. Lauderdale is a new healing center located at 1881 NE 26th St. Suite 244. Join me for a pilot Dream Workshop on Sat. May 4th which will lead into a course on nocturnal dreaming. We will explore Jungian archetypes in a brief lecture, then take a journey into an inter-active Dream Process. Learn to embody your dreams, integrate intellect and intutition, understand without extensive analysis, feel the dream body in a Theta brain state, expand the energy field and participate in the exploration of your unconscious mind. Only $33  Register through this link: Events | Bridges of Wellness Scroll Down.

Events | Bridges of WellnessTestimonials

“Before working with Deborah, I did not know that my dreams were an incredible access point to my unconscious, to aspects of my multi-faceted human nature. Through the dreamwork with Deborah, I uncovered hidden aspects of myself that were in conflict and brought them into alignment and harmony. This resulted in a wonderful new sense of inner wholeness, peace and confidence.”

Beth L., Realtor

“I am a skeptic, but a disturbing dream led me to seek Debra’s help. She is a caring and intuitive dream analyst. She gently guided me through my memory and my body to unveil the symbolism and meaning of the dream. The awareness and insight was immensely helpful and peaceful. And, I have had amazing revelations with her every session since.”

Jody D., Dance Therapist

“Deborah delves into dreams with dramatic results. I had never known the shadow in the action until she introduced me to it. Now I note not only this meaning, but also interpretation of symbols; light and darkness and directions in our dreams. It means a lot to all of us in her open sessions, to learn from one another’s experiences, and then to understand how these interact into all of our lives. To dream is to learn, and Deborah’s methods of helping us to interpret our own, is to change the depths of our lives. I know that I am a better person as the result of my experience with Deborah, our dynamic dream developer.”

Bob M.

“The work we did on my donkey dream was amazing! It turned out the opposite of everything I had feared. Now I feel I can move forward with my career change plan. Thank you so much!”

Laura M., Artist

“I am so appreciative of your input about my dream. It really made sense to me, and helped me to see the message of joy it contained, which allowed me to let go of my anxiety and celebrate that joy–a real transformation!”

Susan F., Unitarian Minister, UU Congregation in Andover, MA

“Working on dreams with Deborah as my guide, I deepened my insight and understanding of a relationship during a difficult transition period. The process helped me to release negative feelings, achieve a balanced perspective, and free up my energy for more positive life experiences.”

Joan S., Technical Writer

“Thanks to Deborah’s gentle, persistent and insightful questioning, my dreams continue to reveal a much deeper magic and power… the shark, whale and seal had messages I was finally able to hear. Understanding and integrating the energies of my dream characters is turbocharging my mental, emotional and spiritual awakening.”

Joe N., Founder,

I’m absolutely blown away by the amount of information that is delivered to us in our dreams. From the time of day and the color green of the hotel room representing being fertile, to my Uncle, the other woman, and the little girl representing the different emotions within me. Wow! So much to learn. Although I tried to figure out my dream on my own, I had no idea that I didn’t know what I was doing. I can see how our conscious and unconscious work together. This was worth every penny. –??Renee, Nursing Student

Deborah De Nicola is a DREAM COME TRUE.  She teaches you how to easily understand and interpret your dreams by guiding you with a tapestry of images that you will never forget.      Deborah enchants her audience with her magical and heartwarming presentation style that makes listening and learning from her a delight!   I walked away with ready to use applications that I have already put to use.   Thank you Deborah for making my dreams a whole lot sweeter!   Go listen to Deborah DeNicola…a true sensation…a must see.??Kellie Olver, Former TV Hostess, Kellie Olver Skin Care?? ?


“Deborah led a highly successful dream workshop for the adult education program at our Unitarian Universalist congregation. One woman who attended the workshop still raves about it, two years later. She reports that the understanding she gained about her dream enabled her to make major life changes.”

Susan F., Chair of Adult Education Committee UU Congregation in Andover, MA

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