Dreamwork Blog: Wheelchairs & Balloons

I had a very touching dream last night. I had been feeling a little down despite all my reasons to be grateful for the life I’m living, I was focusing on the sorry subject of money. I’ll admit, it is a subject fraught with complexes for me. I’ve always followed my heart . . . been a book store owner (favorite job), a book reviewer, radio reviewer, free lance writer, adjunct professor, undergrad and grad, and loved all those jobs. Still, they were always part-time and I was patching dollars and cents together. Now I’m an all out entrepreneur, teaching dream work and helping writers in a consultation business, and still, not Ms. Moneybags. So I’ve been taking a course with the wonderful master of money attraction, Ernest Chu, whose book, Soul Currency, says money comes from how you feel inside, which of course, I know . . .  intellectually . . . so why was I wasting my time feeling bad when I could choose to add up my spiritual assets and realize my true net worth?  Well, we forget. We are habit-bound creatures and must stay conscious and aware to make an intention manifest.

So, we had class last night and it was uplifting. Everyone learning to ride the tide of the moment and choose to feel wealthy. Challenging exercises, fun discussions where we realized we all share the same ingrained thought patterns that have tripped us up in money market. Money and Love were the subjects. What’s your strategy for getting love?  How does that tie in with your feelings about being abundant? Interesting psychology to get your mind around.

So  . . . and I’m starting every paragraph with so, because this is a step by step growing experience  . . . and so I had a dream last night.

I was in a hospital visiting someone and somehow got sidetracked by another patient who was in a wheelchair. I saw that he was crying. He was about twenty five and I had a motherly thing for him, so I went over and put my arms around him and I could feel a very intense closeness in the hug we gave each other. I began to ask him questions about himself and he didn’t talk but pulled out a pad of paper and began to draw and I saw that he was an artist. He was drawing a park on a lovely day. Then I noticed there were many, many balloons tied to his wheelchair, in all festive colors and I felt an enormous love for him.

So. My younger male side, the potential breadwinner that never materialized when I was twenty-five, is upset. Is crying. However, when push comes to shove and he’s questioned about it, he pulls out his artistry and draws a lovely picture. Probably what I should be visualizing instead of a baglady . . . . and then there’s the delight of the balloons, many and many colored, a sign of celebration!

Now true, my mother is in a wheelchair and I see her every day. And I love her. But  we often dismiss dreams due to what we dreamworkers call “everyday residue,” or what’s left over from the day.   But dreams mostly show us what we are unconscious of. I’m aware I love my mother and don’t need to dream about that. And true, I know of a few sick people right now, so hospitals are not too distant from my mind. So the dreaming mind will draw on the everyday associations. But I believe the dream is saying it is time now, to show myself the money!  To bless the energy (which is all money really is) of doing what I love. Writing, poetry and teaching about spirit and the spirit of dreams. FUS1178Maybe in the next dream, the patient will just get up and walk.

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