3 Week Webinar on Demystifying Your Dreams

Wed April 18, 25, and May 2nd at 7:30, a one hour seminar and demonstration of interactive dreamwork. Using Jungian active imagination we will explore the netherworlds of the unconscious. Many of us have the same themes in our dreams so we can learn from working on anyone’s nocturnal journeys. Learn how to recall your dreams, use them for questions. The unconscious mind is a treasure trove of information both personal and collective. As humanity heals, we must witness and release our shadow sides. It’s a fact that the more attention you pay consciously to your dreams, the more they will speak to you. Join me for three weeks of plumbing the depths, bonding in love and compassion, joy and laughter. Deep down we are all one. Email me to register: Deborah@intuitivegateways.com

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