DEMYSTIFY YOUR DREAMS WITH DEBORAH DENICOLA: Weekend Workshop Jan 11-13,2013 Rowe Conference Center, Rowe, MA

      Did you know that other people’s dreams can help you unlock the meaning of your own? Images can be re-experienced and deepened through imagination, and the imagination is a healing function. Each dream contains within it archetypal metaphors, somatic reactions, and both familiar and unfamiliar emotions that can help you hear the unconscious speaking. We are all shaped by similar projections, so by exploring the meaning inherent in other’s dreams, we can gain a deeper understanding of our own. 

 In our dreams we see images, but we need to know how to listen to    them, to hear the “villian” or the “monster” or the “beautiful tree” as messengers from our unconscious lives. Deborah has the wonderful ability to create a safe space where people can use their dreams to spiritually heal themselves. In this workshop, she will lead you to feel what has been repressed. Using visualization and writing, she will guide you to re-enter the dream with your conscious self, probe for feelings and associations that the images represent, and experience feelings that may be unfamiliar or surprising. The dream will then unravel in a way that has special meaning to you, while speaking to others in a way that helps them understand their own dreams.
Doing this deep work can help you overcome unconscious blocks so that you can heal the past, live more fully in the present, and become more compassionate with yourself and others.


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