Learning From Your Dreams Workshop Dec 15th with Deborah DeNicola

Come learn how to increase dream recall and work with dream images in this evening workshop. Dreams can offer new knowledge and produce ideas and solutions. The unconscious mind is a treasure trove you can mine if you have the right tools. The workshop will demonstrate a particular technique for understanding dreams without extensive intellectual analysis. Participants will enter an imaginative dreamscape and probe for feelings, associations and emotions that are grounded in images.  By association, by metaphor, by emotional recognition, dreamers find the unconscious speaking through their images. You will be introduced to a technique that is useful alone or with others. Come with or without a recent dream.

Thurs. 12/15/11 6:30-9pm at the Heartpainter Studio, 310 Esplanade, Suite 50A, Boca Raton Pre-register $20, $25 at the door. Register: Deborah@intuitivegateways.com or 617-823-1530.

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