New Review from Facing North for Deborah’s Memoir

book_futureFacing North – The Future That Brought her Here: A Memoir of a Call to Awaken

Week 3 1/20 Demystify Your Dreams at Crystal Garden

Jan 20th 7:30-9:30  crystal garden

Entering the Magical Dreamscape 7:30-9:30

Register at Crystal Garden Bookshop, 2610 North Federal Highway,Boynton Beach, FL 33435-2413
(561) 369-2836

In this class we will learn how to lead a dreamer back into the dream scenes, find the places of greatest tension and greatest comfort, emphasize the poles of the dream, encourage the dreamer to hold the images in the body, allow for autonomous imagery to emerge, and watch the meaning of the dream unravel by questions posed to the dreamer and the dreamer’s reaction.

Photo from reading at Books & Books

Djana and I after my reading

Djana and I after my reading

It was a wonderful night with Deborah Pollack’s beautiful slide show of her book on Laura Woodward, my reading from my memoir and Edwardo Perez’ operatic songs. Add a little wine and a great mix of writers, voila, creature culture!  I read Chapt 11, “Intersecting Worlds” on my visit to The Centrum Foundation in Port Townsend where i communed with my lost father and wrote the poem sequence: The World’s Veil. Here I am with the lovely Russian writer Djana Fahreyeva.

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