Santa Barbara Poetry Contest Winner

Deborah DeNicola’s poem “I Am, I Will” was the winner of the contest

and Deborah will be attending the Santa Barbara Poetry Conference  Aug 1-3rd.

I AM,  I WILL     beach_life-

No pastries for breakfast, just a pear in my pocket and a long walk

on the beach at 6 a.m., wearing my bullet-proof bra and grey

duster as in an old film noir.  Now the sun

lifts quickly from its bed of waves, like the pink

rubber handball from junior high school, compact

disc ejected from the horizon. The sea is muted,

understated in steady breakers.  I Am, I Will,

says the sun and Let it be. And I do

not think of you as I watch gulls cross the sun

in formation like planes at the air show. And I think of how it took guts

to play handball with the guys when I was twelve.  I think Top Gun

and how these birds are perfectly aligned. Then when the lead

flaps his wings, his side-kick pulses till they’re all in synch

and cease their flutter at the same time to dive

through the reddened edges of sun which begin to yellow

as if another sun lay behind them.  The few clouds are doused

in raiment.  And the disc burns, unconsumed, like Moses’ bush

while some god turns and awakens from sleep,

so the light deepens.  I stare, then stare at after-images

everywhere, the unconscious issue of  the sun assualting

both sand and sky, how it abides as whole civilizations are lost

and gone.  I think of Shelley’s Ozymandias,

how even things meant for endurance

crumble and die.  And I think of the Buddha

and his one revelation, everything changes.

I do not think of us as a lone surfer jogs by, his board

so much lighter than a cross beneath his buffed arm,

his wetsuit zipped up snug

so within his rubber skin, the bone-chilling water

will warm and will keep him


Great review for “The Future That Brought Her Here”

The Future That Brought Her Here just got a great review at the Boston Area Small Press and Poetry Scene Blog.

“…the book is filled with Denicola’s magnifique poetry, her dreams, her intuitions, her own personal life, her distrust of men, so that what you have here is a profound theological study of the influence of the Power Goddess in the ancient and beginning-Christian world plus a personal confessional account that turns it all into something able to be related to. One of the few-few books I’ve seen in the last twenty years that I couldn’t, couldn’t put down. “

Go check out the full review.

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